Responsive webdesign

i actually need a help in making a website responsive (for carousel )

below is my code for positioning my arrows and dot stack in carousel but my page is overflowing please tell me how to get rid of overflowing the page when i use position absolute or translate(x, y)

.dot-stack {
	position: absolute;
	top: 93%;
	left: 50%;
    width: 100%;
	/*transform: translate(47%, -130%);*/
	margin: 0;
overflow: hidden;

.left-arrow, .right-arrow  {
	position: absolute;
	/*top: 60%;*/
	/*transform: translateY(-600%);*/
	cursor: pointer;
	color: #fff;
	font-size: 30px;
	overflow: hidden;


Thank You

Hi @arsheencoder78618888!

You might get more responses if you provide a link to the project.

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