Restaurant Website (need feedback)

Hi, everyone.
I would like to have some feedback on my restaurant website please.
Here my link

Looks good :slight_smile: I have few suggestions.

*Work on some spacings between each content.

  • Three icons in the bottom need to be aligned evenly.
  • Change cursor when mouse hovers on send message button.
  • Any reason why you left out descriptions for your sides?
  • Give your images object-fit:cover; It will help them scale better.

Cheers :clap:

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Thanks for the feedback.
Thank you so much for the article. It was great.
I guess I was lazy for the side descriptions. but I just added them.

Thanks again!

I ran your site through the W3C validator and it uncovered several issues you might want to take care of. Looks like have <li> elements outside of <ul> tags for instance, and a few unclosed tags.

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