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Yesterday I tried out freecodecamp for basic html & html5. I did some exercises, from Hello World all the way to unordered and ordered lists.
I exited freecodecamp. I got in again just to see if it would bring me to where I left off. It did not. It started at the beginning with Hello World. I wonder if there is a way to exit and return to where I left off, so that I don’t have to repeat all the exercises I already completed.
Yesterday I tried to access the help forum but it required me to create a password. Today I got back on and did a login. I also created a userid and password to access the help forum which I’m using now to ask my question. Would someone please respond.

<h1>Hello World</h1>

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My browser is AOL.

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Free Code Camp does not automatically open the last challenge that you were on. That doesn’t mean that you have to repeat anything. From the curiculum page, you can go to any challenge that you want.

In terms of the forum, your FCC account and your forum account are separate.

OK, thanks for your reply.