Review my marvel tribute w/ angular for interview!

Hey guys, wanted to share a small thing I built in a week for an interview, I didn’t get that job but learnt a lot from the process and have some other interviews currently, so no need to worry about it :slight_smile:

I used angular, scss, and marvel api, everything else is vanilla js and css.
Glad to hear what u think!

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Wow! That looks great but there are some issues on mobile devices. I think it would have been better if you had stacked the buttons in place of putting them in line on mobile devices. It would have prevented the overflow :grin:

It looks like it is a pretty awesome page. Unfortunately I’m on mobile and a lot of items are out of place. Any chance you feel like adding some @media? I’d love to see this on my phone at some point.

You’ve done an amazing job. Very impressive.

@iamjoydey that was an issue in the item grid too lol, just changed the home page buttons to have media queries.

@jfirestorm4 what did u see out of place? I changed the home buttons but I don’t think I’ll spend a lot more time with this one, maybe if it’s small things like that I can do it. Thanks for taking a look!

I understand, time to move on and learn other things. Here’s some screen shots of what I’m seeing