Created my portfolio (HS)

I created my portfolio (first version and still work is going on). Can anyone check it?
This project is developed in Angular2 and Firebase. Suggestions are welcomed.

You have a very interesting and surprising portfolio. The design is not old hat and there is a lot of good features that I enjoyed.

I did find one thing to complain about though, and I feel it is a major design flaw. I didn’t understand how to navigate your site.
At first I thought the menu was all I needed to click on in order to view everything I needed to know about you, so I was happy. Later on, I thought ‘let’s try clicking on the weird red button on the right side of the page’ and BAM - your resume popped up, then a different button on the right side of the page, projects then yet another and yet another surprise. There are 2 kinds of surprises on web-pages, delightful ones and not so good ones. Unfortunately your surprises - though interesting and worth discovering - are too surprising. I should be able to predict the behaviour of your buttons and links but I wasn’t able to do so on multiple occasions. I also couldn’t understand why you chose to hide your resume and projects under the weird red buttons on the right. I would have stuck them in a prominent place that is easily accessible within my each section (or in the nav bar).

Looking back at your page again, I think I understand that perhaps you were trying to organize each section by adding the red buttons. But in that case, and as they hold some seriously useful information about you , why push them to the top right corner, rather than centered (dead center) in the viewport. Also why red? (red is a universal danger color and doesn’t really invite me to press the button)

One thing to note, you may want to try your page on a smaller screen, as I think your left-hand-side nav bar is not changing to adjust to that yet. (I would expect it to resize itself or redraw itself in some way so everything still fits without horizontal scrolling)

So to summarize, your page is unique in many good ways but I would advise rethinking the red button method of navigation and presenting important information. I would also work on the presentation of the page on smaller screens.

Thank you for your valuable feedback. It really helps to make my portfolio clearer and readable. Surely, I will make those mentioned changes.

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I like the clean and not overwhelming initial look of your portfolio.

I am a bit confused by the HS button on the left nav area. Until I realized it’s not a button, but maybe a decoration. THEN I saw that ‘HS’ is your nick-name, maybe?

Your picture and words in the middle look fine until the screen width gets to just under 800 px. Then the text starts getting split and some is above and some below the image

Thank you for your fine review. It helps a lot to enhance my portfolio. Surely, I’ll take your feedback into consideration.