Portfolio Page. Feedback much appreciated!

Project Link - https://codepen.io/TomoJ/full/PGzdda/




Your project looks very very good!
How much time did you spend on it being ready?
What was the most difficult for you to realize?

is it broken or is it my browser fault? I don’t see menu buttons at all and background is simple white. I think you need to check your link.

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I spent around 30 hours although I am working as a front-end developer about a year now, mostly working with Ionic2 and other frameworks. With portfolio I tried how it is to use only jQuery and the responsive navbar caused me a lot of problems. The responsive aspect in general is still not polished, and I learned the importance of ‘mobile first’ development while developing this page.

I checked your portfolio page and I must admit I am impressed! Good design skills/talent.

Keep it up!

Hey! thanks for the feedback.

I didn’t check it on other computers yet. If it’s not too much trouble, you can let me know your OS, browser and it’s version.


Thank you, I’m glad to hear it. :smirk:

Look’s great very slick

OS is windows 7, browser some older version of chrome, it was work PC and I don’t know for sure, know I checked it from my home PC and it looks good

My feedback comes from me viewing your site on a pc desktop using Chrome (latest version). Whenever I scroll down or click on one of the nav menu links, it would be nice if the nav stuck to the top so I would not have to scroll all the way back to the top to get the nav bar to show up again.

I see, thanks for the feedback. I still didn’t have a chance to test on windows. Navbar should appear as soon as you scroll up just a little bit, but apparently it has some issues.

It looks quite nice actually. I really like the navigation.

I think it can look even better if you import some custom font family. Also, you could make your navigation fixed so that you can access it no matter where you are on the page. You could also try to optimize its responsivity and add some footer too.

Thanks! All your ideas are much to the point and useful.

Planing to put it online eventually, but will build it again from grounds up considering feedback of all you guys.