Review my tribute page and failure in height wells

I made my tribute page a while ago but then I used
to level the height of the two wells I use.

When making the page smaller (as in smaller screen), I get in trouble with one side with text going deeper then the other side. I just watched it today and adapted some stuff and I really feel disgusted when I see one column go deeper then the other.

I looked up a couple of possibilities but I don’t find any that I really would like to use.

Is there a simple way to make sure that my wells stay the same height what ever size the page is.

(In mobile devices the wells come underneath eachother so I don’t have a problem with that, but in medium size, the difference is visible and I don’t like that.

thanks in advance,

You will face the problem as the content is different in each column and the column will expand accordingly.

But here are some solutions that you can look at:

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thx for the link, I am checking in to them as we speak, but I have to check if I don’t have to rewrite my whole site to implement these adaptations.