Feedback on my Tributepage

Hello everyone,

Working through Freecodecamp i also did the Tribute page, and I’d like to have some feedback on my page.
I have tried to make everything even and nice on the different browser sizes, but i am still not completely happy with that.
The column seems to not be static enough to have text and my link picture be the same dimensions regardless of what the size of the browser is.

My Codepen Tribute Page

Kind regards,


A good start, bit you’re a bit confused about the usage of Bootstrap columns.

The docs for Bootstrap are a good place to learn more:

You currently have the first block of text taking up 6 columns on xs screens, where it would make more sense to have it take up 12 columns in xs screens and maybe 6 on md screens and up. That way on tablets and desktops the image and text will be side by side, but on phones the text will fill the width of the screen and the image will go underneath.

<div class='row'>
  <div class='col-xs-12 col-md-6'>Your text</div>
  <div class='col-xs-12 col-md-6'>Picture of Sherlock</div>