Tribute page basic problem with bootstrap columns

I’m making a start on my Tribute page and I’m having issues with using “col-xs”. My understanding is that if I use col-xs-6 twice in a row it will split the page in two and elements I put in the second column will be on the second half of the page. The issue is that if I put elements in the columns they just stay right next to each other. Link to code pen Code

I’m no expert on Bootstrap, but the xs is meant for very small screens. I’m guessing it doesn’t render right on that large of a screen. Try col-md-6.

Try using col-md-6 since you’re on a desktop/laptop and not a phone like in the examples.

I’m still trying to fully understand this myself. Here’s a good stackoverflow thread on it:

Thanks, this helped a lot. Apparently bootstrap 4 no longer supports ‘col-xs-’, instead you just use 'col-’ for the smallest columns/