Review of my CSS <style> answer

h2 { color: blue; }

this is my answer, but it’s saying my h2 element should be “blue”. Which i think i did in my coding.

Can you please share your full code?

With the CSS challenges it is important to disable all browser extensions that modify your CSS, such as dark mode extensions. freeCodeCamp does have a native dark mode you can enable in your settings.

We should put that in big bold text in the description of every challenge that is sensitive to this sort of thing (“Please disable any dark mode plugins or anything else that changes the appearance of web pages”)

We have talked about this a few times. So far, we have a warning at the start of the CSS curriculum and I think a pretty good (pending) solution for the ad block related challenges (check the DOM for the button and if missing warn).

But as I say in the issue, the warning does not really seem to be working and likely isn’t explicit enough. Adding warning to individual challenges is still an option but is something we are trying to avoid in general.

Yah, people tend to skim or skip the intro text. I think having it on each challenge would be better. Maybe a dismissible banner?