CSS course not registering colors?

Tell us what’s happening:
I have written the code exactly as it is shown in the example video, and I get all the
checkmarks except for the “Your h2 element should be blue”.

Your code so far

< style>
h2 {color: blue;}
< /style>

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Can you link the lesson? There might be an issue else where.

i have the same problem. i have no idea WTF is wrong, is it a bug? can someone help out.
tried getting help on twitter but the code is exactly the same as the one i put in

Are you using a browser extension that changes your CSS, such as a dark mode extension?

yes, darkmode reader extension is on

finally worked. the fucking extension just costed me 2hrs of my life

It’s a common mistake. Personally, I overlooked the recommendation to turn off extensions that modify CSS in the introduction to those lessons when I did those challenges.

Yes, thanks! This was the problem. :smile: