Roadmap to get a web developer job


(first of all, pardon my english if it’s not perfect)

So, last month I earned the responsive web design certificate on FreeCodeCamp, and then (in the last 2 weeks) I went through the book A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript, which basically goes through the basic syntax of JavaScript with lots of hands-on exercices but no projects. And now I’m doing the basic JS challenges of the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures section.

Now, I read and heard in various places that to get a job as a junior web developer you generally need around 700 to 1000 hours of experience. I’m of course very far from that, so I wonder if I complete the remaining 2 front-end certifications on FreeCodeCamp (JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures + Front-End Libraries) will I have the necessary skills to get a junior front-end developer job or at least be fairly close to it?

As of now, I know the basics of HTML & CSS, the basics of Python (went through the first 10 chapters of Python Crash Course a few months ago, but didn’t build anything with it), and am now learning the basics of JavaScript. With all that in mind, I thought about setting up this roadmap:

  1. JavaScript
  • Complete the FCC JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification
  1. Python & Django/Flask
  • Go through the book Automate the Boring stuff with Python (to solidify my understanding of the basics of Python before jumping on to Django/Flask)
  • Learn Django or Flask and build some projects with it
  1. Solidify HTML, CSS & JavaScript skills
  • Go through the book HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
  • Build a simple website using HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Complete the FCC front-end libraries certification

I’m considering adding the book Eloquent JavaScript to supplement my learning on FCC. And I’m still undecided on whether to ditch Python altogether and just focus on the front-end (HTML, CSS, JS). I still don’t know anything about the backend but I loved Python and I heard it’s one of the languages you can use in the backend, so I guess I’ll give it a try and then focus more on either the front-end (HTML, CSS & JS) or the back-end (Python & Flask/Django) once I’m done with the plan above.

I have no idea how many time this is gonna take, but do you think this is a good roadmap if I want to get a developer job a few months from now? (by coding 3/4 hours a day) And how do you think I could improve it?

Great work!

What’s your intent by learning JavaScript AND Python?
IMHO this won’t get you benefits, especially if you want to find your first job.

You NEED JavaScript for the Front End.
You also NEED to know the JavaScript Eco System (npm etc.),
so switching to Python and its Eco System will increase the complexity of your way.
Your time is valuable.

A lot of my mentees ask for this kind of roadmap all the time,
therefore I’ve written a post about it lately: Web Dev Roadmap