Rock Paper Scissors

def player(prev_play, opponent_history=[ ]):
    # Initialize the strategy dictionary
    strategy = {
        "R": "P",  # Paper beats Rock
        "P": "S",  # Scissors beats Paper
        "S": "R"   # Rock beats Scissors
    # If it's the first game, or the opponent's previous play was not in the history, play randomly
    if prev_play == "":
        return random.choice(["R", "P", "S"])
    # Update opponent history
    # Implement a simple strategy based on the opponent's behavior
    # For example, if the opponent played the same move twice, counter it
    if len(opponent_history) >= 2 and opponent_history[-1] == opponent_history[-2]:
        return strategy[opponent_history[-1]]
    # If no special condition, play randomly
    return random.choice(["R", "P", "S"])
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