Ruby On Rails Install Issue on Windows 10

Hello, I’m new to Ruby and am intending to use below tutorial by Domantas G

During setup when I used this command ‘rails new collabfield --database=postgresql’

I got error ‘postgresql’ is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file.

Does that mean I do not have postgresql installed as required by this tutorial?

Any advice on how to resolve please? Thank you.

You really need to use Windows? Ruby on Rails’ creator himself is having some problems with this operational system. Maybe you would consider using Linux (is this is a possibility of course).

I’d suggest not trying to use Rails on Windows 10, at least directly. Use WSL or Linux inside a VM.

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You need to install the database you are going to use: if it isn’t on your computer, Rails can’t initialise a project that uses it.