Rust in Replit not working

The console isn’t finding the fcc command:

sh: line 1: fcc: command not found
exit status 127

Everything was working fine until it wasn’t. Tried deleting everything, recloning etc, but no luck. Any insight would be great. Thanks!

Welcome there,

Thank you for opening this. I can reproduce the issue, and am looking into a fix.

It turns out Replit is automatically changing the .replit file we use to configure the apps behaviour.

Specifically, here is what the file is supposed to look like: Rust-In-Replit/.replit at main · freeCodeCamp/Rust-In-Replit · GitHub

So, for now:

Work Around

Manually edit the .replit file to match what is in the freeCodeCamp/Rust-in-Replit repo.

great. thanks for looking into it!

Great intro to Rust btw. Dense topic but the lessons/pacing are very clear.

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