Please update courses that require Replit to include this:

(Sorry, I didn’t really look for other posts regarding this, so ignore me if it’s already been mentioned.)

So I’ve been going back and forth between Replit and Glitch (Depends on my mood of the day for what I want to use for each project). One of the main issues I had with Replit was that you can run the tests on the Shell terminal, but not Console terminal because Replit wants to run the projects from “index.js” instead of “server.js”.

After some navigating and tinkering I’ve found a workaround by editing the .replit file in the root directory.

First, navigate to the menu on the left, click on the hamburger button, and ‘show hidden files’.

Go to the .replit file under “Config files”, and edit the entrypoint & program to “server.js”

And there you go. That should get the console terminal to work and you shouldn’t see that error (besides the ones that you create :sweat_smile:)

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