Replit exercise broken and can't get it to not hang. Help!

This replit project was working fine. I had not finished it yet but most tests were working. All of a sudden this exercise acts weird when I load it in replit. Replit says it can’t see the server and when I run the server console message no longer prints out. I’ve even deleted all the code except what is needed just for the listener in the server. I tried rolling to a prior version that I know worked and that has the same problem. I try my other replit projects and they work fine. It is as if this is corrupted in some way that I don’t know how to correct. I’m hoping someone can tell me how to complete wipe this project out reload the boilerplate from freecode camp all over again and start from scratch. I’ve cut and pasted and saved my code so I have that outside the project.
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I was able to reload the boilerplate project from free code camp and now at least the basic server is running for the project again and when I have time will start adding my code back in piece by piece even though I’m pretty sure it was not my code since even reloading code that worked had the issue. I’m relieved though that I could reload the boilerplate and get the basic server running again though. Whew.

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