RWD - Tribute Page. First page ever

Hi there,
To be fair i just started learning. Here it is:

I feel like that there are lot of things i should delete to make it “clean” but tbh i have no idea what is redundant in my “code”. Any feedback appreciated.
BTW: i used Visual Studio Code to write this site than copy-paste to codepen, is this ok? I used some html5 template to build it.

best way to start build a website is not by using a template it’s hard when you start coding to understand someone elses code.

It looks good but basic.


  • use © in the copyright.
  • may use a background and not a full page where u use 50% of the page.

for the first site as a starter it’s good, no more complaints by me.

I do agree that it is a bit plain, and it is good practice to start with basic/vanilla html and css so you can get the hang of how things are written and you understand what you read.

But I will say that I do like semantic your html is. Its also good that you made some notes to section off where things start. I suggest you do that with your css when you start diving in and doing more complicated projects, like projects with navbars, that might take up many lines.

I’d also suggest you not use pixels too much, because it isn’t as responsive. I use it still for things like border widths b/c they aren’t usually big for me. But for margins and font size, use things like em’s or rem’s. Percentages are good too, like for widths and such. There’s videos I saw about this but I gotta go into my Youtube to pull them up

Thanks for feedback. I totally agree on font sizes but its a bit confusing to me atm. I dont really get it: i should set “primary” font sizes than i can use “em” ? Or i can just use “em” values on all font/border/etc size?

Hey there! Great job for a first page! One thing, as far as functionality, the second link actually leads to " La Polla Records - Y Ahora Que? (EP completo)". Not sure if it was intentional. Good luck. Here’s a link to mine. Any feedback is welcom. Also my first page.