I would really appreciate a feedback on my first coding project ever!

I have just finished my tribute page: https://codepen.io/northlandnomad/full/erVxQK/

I like to be criticized, because it’s the only way to grow and learn, and I will be thankful for any comments!
Hope you all have a very nice “whatever time is it now for you”, thank you!:slight_smile:

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It’s a beautiful page

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I’ve got to be honest. Not my go to design style (my opinion) however in going through your page it does contribute to the tribute being done so 2 thumbs up. Site is responsive and I enjoyed it.

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Try to be consistent when using css. Do not mix <style>.......</style> with inline styling. I would just use one external file linked to the page with all my css styling. In codepen i would just copy all css code in the css pane.

For the content part, i think you are exaggerating in using <blockquote> . After a couple of quotes it becomes somehow annoying.

I’m sure you can find ways of improving this page that i like as idea.

Please take the above just as constructive criticism. Take what you like, leave all the other.

Happy coding. :+1:

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Thank you for the feedback! It is very helpful, especially for someone who is so new to all concepts of coding! I’ll keep in mind everything you said.

You are very welcome.:+1: