Salon Appointment Scheduler - Build a Salon Appointment Scheduler

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Hi guys,

I have completed my salon appointment scheduler task and i dumped the sql file and when i paste the link in fCC and click Ive completed this, it gives an error saying “You must complete the task first”

Any idea what to do?
link is below

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solution: GitHub - sakina-tries/

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Challenge: Salon Appointment Scheduler - Build a Salon Appointment Scheduler

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did you get this figured out?

same issue. codeally says “tutorial complete” and I uploaded and salon.sql files to my github repo but when I click submit project warning appears and says you must complete the project first. One hour after completion still not recognized.

Have you tried the troubleshooting steps in the pinned post?

problem has been solved after trying for another half hour or so. What worked for me was changing cookie settings and reloading all tabs on firefox.

what to change in the cookie setting?