Save your Code Revisions Forever with Git: Git-it Challenge 3

I did all the steps asked:

  • Created a new file inside hello-world folder, then added a line of text to it and renamed it readme.txt, then added the file and committed it.

  • Then, Added a new line to the readme.txt file,saved the changes to that file. And I executed git diff, git add, git commit.

But I still get this message, after I execute git-it verify:

ACTUAL                             EXPECTED
------                             --------
"Seems there are changes"       != "Changes have been committed!" 
"to commit still."              != ""                             
""                              != null                           

Git-it has a desktop app. Download it and try it on there. I fail a test multiple times when it should have passed. I read a post that suggested I do it on the desktop app. It passed on the app but not on Cloud9.

I forgot to mention I’m using the Terminal on Linux.

Which desktop app are you referring to? Is it available on Linux?

Yes, it’s available for PC, MAC and Linux. Here’s the link,, and the instructions to install are on that page.

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Thank you. The desktop app is better than using the web guide.

I passed this challenge, but it wasn’t due to using the desktop app, it was because when I create a new file and save it as readme.txt, the original file “Untitled document” stays there and it keeps showing that there are uncommitted changes.