Saving your code "and stuff"

I want to save my projects from the lessons (cafe menu, registration form, etc) i have github and codepen; i have created a repository but i cannot see how to “add” it as code? ive copied and pasted, ive downloaded which saved as a simple text file. i click “add file” in Git and its just that, a text file.
i guess im asking how to start acting like someone who does this stuff. how you save, how you move stuff around?. this is still very unclear to me.

Code is just text until it runs or compiles.

When you create an empty repo you can drag and drop files into it or when you use Add file > Upload files

Or you can learn Git and how to push your code to GitHub.

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thank you i will watch these!

ok that was tough watch lol. alot of command line stuff. way above my pay grade but i now have a better understanding of whats going on thank you

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