Schoolie App v1.0 Release

Hello! Before I begin, I would like to thank FreeCodeCamp for giving me access, and thousands across the world access to FREE information and education. :wink:

But anyway, I have released v1.0 of my app which is called Schoolie. :grinning:
Here is the link!

It is designed for students in all areas of education, but can also be used by anyone who needs help organizing their thoughts, ideas, and goals. My aim for this app was to create a simple, clean interface that allows people to track homework assignments, mark important dates (events like presentations), and have a place to store or type up notes for easy access. For a better explanation, just register and see the website yourself. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please let me know what you think about it. Any comments/criticisms will be greatly appreciated. :sweat_smile: (built using MEAN Stack)

I am planning to update and add more features to the app such as:

  • Favoriting Notes
  • Creating a Folder System To Organize Your Notes
  • Better Mobile Optimization (Perhaps A Mobile App?)
  • Automatically Adding National Holidays
  • And more…

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions or comments! You can even email me directly from the website! Thanks for reading. :smile:


That’s pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing. Feels fast and modern.

As suggestion for improvement, the tooltips on these button felt a little slow to me, and there was none for the two in the middle …

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Yeah, I will make the tooltips slightly faster… and the two buttons in the middle have not been implemented yet… But it will soon! :grinning:

Firstly, I’ll say your idea is fantastic. It solves a real-life problem and that’s pretty amazing. Also, you did a great job on the website, the design and everything is great. I’m already anxious to see the completed project.

Just one suggestion. You shouldn’t allow your content to span 100% of the screen on larger screen sizes. Maybe you should contain it in a div, give it a max-width, and a margin of auto so it centers on the screen.

Congratulations on such a perfect job!

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Just from a quick glance, this is really cool! Did you code the editor from scratch or use a library? The editor doesn’t seem to be responsive for mobile but definitely my favorite feature for desktop. I like the goal/agenda chart too. Perhaps a deadline feature could make it better? A mobile app would be super nice especially if it’s a simplified version of Evernote etc. I love the design and as is would definitely use it.

If you do plan on making it more feature-rich, especially to apply to college students. Maybe a latex implementation to write out formulas. Also an implementation to download/export notes in multiple formats, especially pdf when dealing with latex or markdown.

It’s really impressive! I love it.

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No, I used a CDK Editor for Angular extension. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am considering making this more friendly to mobile user through an app! :sweat_smile:

These are great ideas, and I am putting that on my todo list right now!

Thank you for the kind words!

I will start working on it as soon as possible. I want to eventually make it friendly for all types of users! :smile:

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awesome application.
these are issues that I found in this application.

features that can be added:

  1. Dark Mode
  2. Option To Edit tasks
  3. Option to rearrange/add color to tasks
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts can be implemented
  5. Option to edit note name in notes.


1.while creating a task in desktop after typing and hitting enter the task form vanishes but the task is not added(even in notes section).[refer to #4 features]
2.the tasks are taking a little bit time to load

1.Font size of task count in calendar can be increased a little bit.
2.same opinion as Lafen suggested, shrink and center the elements

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So I have tried to add your suggestion and this is what I am getting:

Is this correct? (i don’t think it is :frowning:)

Actually, you wrapped your entire application . My suggestion was to wrap your main content so on larger devices (like 1920*1080 monitors) it doesn’t span the whole screen.

Don’t wrap the entire application.

Using the chrome dev tools, I gave the calendar div a max-width. As you can see, it looks better than when it spans the entire screen.

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Thank you so much! I was able to figure it out… and it should be fixed! :smile:

A Math and Chemical Equation Feature has been implemented! I hope you enjoy it… and I highly recommend trying it out on a tablet especially with a stylus. (since there is a handwriting recognition).

Exporting as pdf and more features coming soon! :grinning:

How would I know whether to continue working on an app? I am not sure whether I should try to make this app popular and add more features… or should I just move on? :frowning:

I approach this in two ways. As an entrepreneur or as a developer.

As an entrepreneur. The important thing is that you have a minimum viable product. You could find a business that has a need for software like this and pitch it to them. Find out what they say and how they react. Does it fulfill their need? What are the features they need in the app etc and then approach a deal. If there is a demand, let them buy the features. Just polish it to a level you think they can’t refuse and go fishing.

As a developer, if I am at the point where I’m asking if I should continue with this project or not, I just switch to another project. I’m out to learn as much as possible and if the project keeps me in a box I’m not developing my skills.

With all that, personally, this could be an app I use.