I finished my first app! (Full stack MEAN app.) (Updated with emails working.)


I’ve been teaching myself how to code for over a year and a half now (part time) and I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you all!

It’s a little app for Starbucks baristas to use as a cheat sheet. I am still ironing out the emails (since Sendgrid has my account under review, idk why) and adding all the drinks but most of everything is pretty much done! Of course, if it gets a lot of use I will try to host it for real. But for now, heroku is a great deal!

Please tell me what you guys think! Thanks for viewing!

Edit 3.18: The emails should be working now! Please feel free to test contact us, the sign up welcome emails, and the forgot password! Thank you.


It’s clever, unique, and very pretty! :+1:

One issue I noticed is that scrolling is really slow, and the fades could also be quicker – you really want to get the UI responding in under 200 msec or it will feel “sluggish” to the user. You also might want to knock the margins down some, since this is likely going to run on a tablet and they’re going to want as much on one screen as possible without having to swipe. A media query would come in handy there.


Thank you! I really enjoyed making it!

I see, I didn’t notice the scrolling. I’ll fix it right away along with the fade. As for media queries… I made tons! Easy fix. Thanks a bunch for the tips!

Also, I’d like to know what @bradtaniguchi thinks of this app. :grin:

To be honest you’re a genius :star_struck:

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Am I??? :rofl: Thank you! I think I’m far from it but I hope to keep improving! Comments like yours keep me motivated. :kissing_heart:

Glad to hear the progress keeps on moving with the project? I’ll have to check it out in the next few days. I did a quick run-thru the link and liked the new UI compared to before (where there kinda wasn’t any hehe)

I’ll probably open up PR feedback from before since technically the app should be working :slight_smile:

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This looks real nice. I can tell you put a lot of work into it.

One issue that stands out to me right away is readability, particularly color contrast and font size. At the default font size, using grid view I can barely make out the capital letters in the middle of each colored square (especially the light blue ones). Using list view I can only make out the bold text under NAME. For both views I have to increase the font size considerably before I can really read it all comfortably.

For grid view, I think you need to get rid of the white color burst in the middle and will possibly have to make the blue a little darker. The font you are using looks nice but it is hard to make out some characters (e.g. The ‘H’ looks like two capital 'I’s because you can barely see the vertical line in the middle). And the little icon in the bottom left is completely unreadable until you make the font size really big.

For list view, I know you had to make the font size small to cram everything in there, but if you can’t read the content in the first place then what’s the point :slight_smile: As I make the font size bigger, at a certain point all the columns after SIZE disappear, so that tells me that those columns aren’t absolutely necessary and you should probably not show them to begin with so you can make the font size bigger. It looks like you can click on the name to get all of that extra information, so you aren’t losing anything. Or, if you do want to show that information in list view then you need to have a vertical scroll bar.

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I really enjoy design but I’m clearly not that great at it. :sweat: Glad to hear you liked this one better though!

And yes, any feedback would be appreciated!

Thank you! I spent quite a bit of time on it yes. Some 3 or 4 months on and off while learning Angular on the way. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for all the detailed UI/UX inputs! I will try to fix some of the readability issues but tbh it’s definitely more at the bottom of my list since I wanna focus on learning more typescript and rxjs and create another app or two before going out and trying to get a job. Plus, there is the search function and a more detailed view of the drinks should anyone run into an issue of reading . I’m sure there are some that could still use the list view for glancing at the breadth of drinks they have to learn really quickly (I sure would’ve loved such a thing when I first started as a barista.) For now, I will have to live with the fact that maybe not everyone will be able to read it clearly. If it gets a lot of use, then I will try to perfect it and come back to these posts!

I have a degree in CS and I never made something as beautiful as this :stuck_out_tongue:
So yes you are a genius.

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Hello. It looks really nice! i like the idea too.
I’m having the same trouble with scrolling, but it seems like it also gets lagged with other actions, like pressing buttons.
Maybe you should optimize the back end, but i think you’ve already tought that.
Apart from that, it looks incredible! Keep up the good job.

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Perhaps I may have taken the right courses and took the right approaches to create an app like this but I’m sure you know things that I don’t with that CS degree of yours! :sweat_smile: I know that you can build apps that are impressive in other ways. :wink:

Ahhh… I want to blame heroku but in any case I will be optimizing it soon! Some folks at reddit have already given me some pointers. Please bear with it for now!

And thanks so much for the compliment. Always nice to hear such things. :hugs:

The emails should be working now! Please feel free to test contact us, the sign up welcome emails, and the forgot password! Thank you. :blush: :grinning:

I am finally coming around to going thru the production app. Like before I’ll open issues if I find any :smiley:

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Thanks for looking at it Brad! I’m diving deeper into TS as we speak. I unfortunately won’t be able to go back to look into Baristabook again until perhaps before the days I start applying for my first dev job! I have another project planned (an app that creates work schedules basically) so I’m going to be working hard in the mean time towards that goal. I really appreciate you looking into any issues for me and I promise it will not be for naught, as I go back to it later to polish my app! Hope you’re keeping safe. Thanks again! :grin: :blush:

Looking forward to seeing what ya build!

Awesome, I’ll remember to show you! If it’s any good, it will be in part from the things I learned from you.