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can i use libraries as re-Regular expression operations

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I am currently testing my code in Visual Studio Code, which allows me to import re as re,
my aim is to then paste my code into, but if replit (test) does not allow me to import re as re, then i would have waist some time doing so.
I just want to know if my in replit allows me to import libraries.

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Why don’t you think you can import re?

Hi JeremyLT,

I am old school; it is my first time using repli and the problem web pages does not state if i can or cannot use libraries. So, I don’t want to code in Visual Studio Code, teste there, then past it and find that libraries are not valid/allowed. I did try to import and debug it after the import and got no error, but again I am so new to all of this. apologies if the question sounds dumb

Please post code, not images. Also please include error-messages.
Also… that looks weird? Why use “as re” if it’s already called re? The indentation is wrong. And right now you are returning something that doesn’t exist yet, though the interpreter doesn’t get there.

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