Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Budget App

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I dont know what I am doing wrong in create_spend_chart class

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solution: boilerplate-budget-app - Replit

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Challenge: Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Budget App

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The spec requires

Besides the Category class, create a function (outside of the class) called create_spend_chart that takes a list of categories as an argument. It should return a string that is a bar chart.

You have created a class to that effect. The tests are expecting a string returned from a function and are getting an object returned from the class constructor.

but how from init I cannot return anything and I tried str it still gave me some error

Run your create_spend_chart with the same arguments as the test does and print the type of the return value. Printing the return will print the result from the __repr__() method since it’s defined.

Regardless, the spec calls for a function that returns a string.

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