Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Build an Arithmetic Formatter Project

Hi all, completely new to coding here and was just running through the scientific computing with Python course in the order presented on the page. I have run into the arithmetic formatter project and assumed that all topics needed to complete this project have been covered by the preceeding lessons based on its placement in the course listing. However, I don’t even know where to start!

I decided to check the forum to see if I was missing anything obvious as a starting point but the posts people have made on it seem to use things I don’t think I’ve covered yet (e.g. the .split() method). Is this supposed to be a project that’s done after going through more of the course lessons?

Thanks for any help in advance!

You don’t need any special extra knowledge, but some extra methods make make the problem easier.

Before diving into specific code though, I’d start by developing a list of steps that you need to take to make progress on the problem. Break it down into smaller parts.

Thanks for your reply! I managed to do it in the end but there was a lot of trial and error and it is possibly the least optimised code ever written :yum:.

Hey, now the bonus round starts! If you want, you can post here and we can chat about ways to refactor!