Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Polygon Area Calculator

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I have a following error message, when running the code:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 6, in
rect = shape_calculator.Rectangle(5, 10)
TypeError: Rectangle() takes no arguments
exit status 1”

What am I missing?

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class Rectangle:

def __innit__(self, width, height):
  self.width = width
  self.height = height

def __str__(self):
  return f'Rectangle(width={self.width}, heigth={self.height}'

def set_width(self, width):
  self.width = width

def set_heigth(self_height):
  self.heigth = heigth

def get_area(self):
  return self.width * self.height

def get_perimiter(self):
  return 2 * self.width + 2 * self.heigth

def get_diagonal(self):
  return ((self.width ** 2 + self.heigth ** 2) ** .5)

def get_picture(self):
  if self.width > 50 or self.heigth > 50:
    return "Too big picture"
  string = (("*" * self.width) + "\n") * self.heigth

def get_picture(self, width, height):
  if self.width > 50 or self.height > 50:
    return "Too big for picture"
  string = (("*" * self.width) + "\n") * self.height
  return string

def get_amount_inside(self, shape):
  return int(self.get_area() / self.get_area())

class Square(Rectangle):
def innit(self, side):
self.width = side
self.height = side

def str(self):
return f’Square(side={self.width})’

def set_side(self):
self.width = side
self.heigth = side

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Challenge: Scientific Computing with Python Projects - Polygon Area Calculator

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This looks like a typo

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Yap, that it was, thanks!!


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