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Tests are not fully executed (Possible problem in
Hi friends, I have my add_time() function ready. It is working fine but for some reason the tests are not being carried out through the It does not throw any error but the tests are not carried out either, only the one that is in the module. Any ideas? I don’t know whether to deliver it like this or continue investigating. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.
Regarding the code, I accept all kinds of criticisms or suggestions.

def add_time(start, duration, day=None):
	days = ['Monday','Tuesday','Wednesday','Thursday','Friday','Saturday','Sunday']
	add_hh, add_mm = map(int, (duration.split(':')))
	tota_mm_add = add_hh*60 + add_mm

	hh,mm = map(int, start.split()[0].split(':') )
	if 'PM' in start: hh += 12

	total_mm = hh*60 + mm
	new_time_mm = total_mm + tota_mm_add
	total_days = new_time_mm//1440
	new_hh = (new_time_mm//60)%24
	meridian = ' PM' if new_hh >= 12 else ' AM'

	new_hh = str(new_hh%12)
	if new_hh == '0': 
		new_hh = '12'

	new_mm = str(new_time_mm % 60)
	if len(new_mm) == 1: 
		new_mm = '0'+new_mm

	new_time = ':'.join([new_hh, new_mm]) + meridian
	if day: new_time += ', '+ days[(days.index(day.capitalize())+total_days)%7]
	if total_days == 1: new_time += ' (next day)'
	elif total_days > 1: new_time += f' ({total_days} days later)'

	return new_time

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The tests need to pass before you submit the project as complete.

Did you change the file?

Hello Jeremy! Thanks for answering. This is the original

# This entry point file to be used in development. Start by reading
from time_calculator import add_time
from unit test import main
# This entrypoint file to be used in development. Start by reading
from time_calculator import add_time
from unittest import main

print(add_time("11:06 PM", "2:02"))

# Run unit tests automatically
main(module='test_module', exit=False)

Apparently everything is fine there, at least it’s like in the following exercise ( The console output when is run is this

1:08 AM (next day)
Ran 12 tests in 0.027s


I should investigate what is happening inside the As soon as I can, I’ll see how the are implemented in the exercises that do work correctly. Thanks!

You should not touch this file. It must be untouched.

This says all 12 tests passed

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Ohh… “I suspected it from the beginning.” I think I have been fooled by the red color of the console font. I got used to seeing that when the tests are passed they were showing in green. Sorry and thank you very much

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