Scrolling Sushi Menu - Feedback Wanted

How can I improve? Especially for small screens. Is this good enough to use on my resume?

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It’s good but these are the things I think you should change:

  • The images are too large make them a bit smaller.

  • Make the width of every image same.

  • Make the class “menu-items” responsive.

  • Add a horizontal line between the items maybe.

  • Your page height is more than the viewport which makes it scroll in y-direction so fix that.

  • Add scroll snapping.

  • Create a custom scrollbar.

@qtrandeveloper It looks great!!!
Oh my, I am so hungry now… I love Sushi!!!
Here are some tips comments.

  • The images should all have a clean white background. The image “Tuna Nigiri” clearly has edges showing.
  • It does not work in mobile view at all. You could have the images stack in mobile view. Look up media queries.
  • How about a left and right arrow to switch the images?
  • Where is the rest of the webpage?

Great start! Look to some restaurant sites for some inspirations.

I agree the Y height should be fixed and the addition of left right snapping or image swap would look more commercially typical - think online retailers.

Keep it up!

  1. Focus on the top-third of your resume . …
  2. Remove your objective statement. …
  3. Add numbers and percentages (when appropriate and helpful). …
  4. Move the most relevant info to the top. …
  5. Sprinkle accomplishments throughout your resume . …
  6. Ensure your font is clean and consistent.

Nice Idea, but if someone has a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor screen, they can’t scroll sideways.

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