Static single page website for restaurant

Hi :slight_smile: I created this simple one-page website for a fictional restaurant/bar and I would like to know what do you think about it. I know I still have to work on performances because it takes quite a while to load :(.

This is the link:

PS: photos are also by me, it is one of my favourite hobbies

In my opinion, an excellent site turned out! :grin:
But why not the left menu does not go down with all the content? That is how it should be?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: yeah I only made the content scroll and the menu stay fixed

It looks amazing. For some reason, the Open to 9 AM… part is cut off by the edge of my screen. Also, the mobile menu is a bit jerky when opening up. Hopefully its not my computer messing up :persevere: Otherwise, great job.

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An interesting solution. :slight_smile:
Can you name the reasons for your decision? For me, this is an unusual solution and I want to understand what this approach gives.
I do not want to offend anyone. :relaxed: This is my curiosity :grin:

Overall, it’s look clean and amazing. I really love the idea. But, it seems that it got issue as the rest has mentioned. The left menu was cut off if you have smaller screen in desktop version.
And I don’t know if it’s only me but the line on the left menu was a bit messed up. Sometimes it can take over the text menu position. But it is a great work, btw!

I saw a similar design and I thought it looked cool so I copied :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile: I will try to fix those problems