Would love feedback on my first multipage website :)

Hi there!

I just finished my first multipage website and I would love some feedback.
I have tested it on mobile and desktop but I haven’t tested it on other browsers yet. Just chrome.

Here it is

Here is the repo

I still have to put together a decent ReadMe. But I’ll do that later today.
Edit:ReadME is done!




Your website looks great in Firefox. I love the blurred borders and how the title fades in.

I noticed that the BEMP in the header looks just like the menu items, but I think it’s supposed to be the site title/logo. My only suggestion is to make the BEMP stand out somehow so that people don’t think it’s a clickable menu item.

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Oh, also, the buttons Discover Artists, Play Games, etc., don’t work.

HI @cherylm !

Thanks for your feedback.

Originally they weren’t supposed to be buttons but my mom made the same comment so I added the links to them as well. Now people can click on both the images and titles to go those respective pages.

For the logo, I styled it a little bit differently than the rest of the nav items.



Very nice :slight_smile:

I wasn’t quite sure if those were supposed to be section headers or buttons. But I really wanted to click on them. :computer_mouse:

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Hey there @jwilkins.oboe!

I love your page and it looks really great but I do have some suggestions!

  1. I think some of the headers should have a flat styling, for example the header in the resources section

I thought there was some content missing but it was actually the header for the page :rofl:. I would recommend a more rectangular design for the actual header and then for the subheadings you can keep the rounded corners.

Another thing is in the about section I found it hard to read from my phone, some more indentation I think would improve the already really great design.

And that’s about all I can offer :smiley:

I’m still learning JS and I feel that both the Html and CSS are spot on, thanks @jwilkins.oboe for building this site!


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Hi @Cy499_Studios !

Thanks for your feedback!

I changed the styling for the landing page headers so they stand out more.

I added about 15px of indentation for the paragraphs. I didn’t want to add to much cause that might look weird on mobile. But that should help with reading.

While you are going through basic javascript, you can build small little things like a js image slider, or small form with regex validation to help practice your js knowledge.

It really helped for me when I went through the js section of FCC.

They were just small little projects with basically no styling and very little code but it helps to practice more with javascript.

You don’t have to wait until the front end section to start building projects.

Thanks again!

Haha you can click away :grinning:

I went through it, clicked a bunch of stuff, for the most part it looks ok, I did spot two things, one of the seems a bit off, looks like the Logo in the top left corner has hover enabled through CSS, the cursor changes shape from arrow to a pointing hand, from my understandings thing like that shall not happen unless it’s a clickable button.
The other thing I did notice was that the youtube channel that’s linked in the contacts page does not exist.

Hi @lowlevelcarrot !

For the logo, currently the link isn’t setup to go anywhere but I can change to have it go to the home page.

As for the youtube channel, I am not sure why the message is showing up.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the channel only has playlists and no original videos.

That is something I have to figure out with youtube.


Hi @jwilkins.oboe,

Hope you are doing well.

I visited your site it looks so good but there is one thing that when I clicked on Play Game button it takes me to the page of A Day in the Life. Overall your site works great Love it. In fact, I played the Memory game hehe. :smiley:

Hi @maryamjalal0409 !

I am glad that you like the site.

When you click on the play games it is supposed to take you to the A day in the Life game.

The full list for the games is quizzes is mentioned on the resources page.

Maybe in the future, when there are more games there might be a seperate games page.

But right now there is only two :grinning:

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But a word game is missing here…


I can’t wait for them :smile: :smile:

It’s okay I’m enjoying them :laughing: :laughing:

Ohh ok I see your point.

I can add the word game to it.

Thanks for your feedback!

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice work so far. Just lessen the box shadow or just use flat style completely. You can try box shadow on card elements. Remove the hyperlink style the a tags with underscore and blue color. Create a container with a padding or max-width so those elements are not crowded

I agree about the box shadow, it’s just too much. Here for example, I see three nested elements with huge shadows and I don’t really know what I’m looking at:

Another suggestion would be to wrap the whole page in a container and give it a max-width and/or some horizontal padding, so the headers(?) like the one labelled “Take quizzes” don’t stretch to the very edge of the page.

Then there’s an issue with the feedback form - when an input gets focus, the surrounding element gets a light background, so I can’t really read anymore what I’m supposed to enter:

And finally, I found the navigation a little confusing. When I click on “play games” from the main page, it leads me to a page where I can pick a game from another menu located at the bottom (which isn’t particularly intuitive, it looks more like a footer, and not all links in that section actually lead to a game), and I have no visual indication anymore in the main nav where I am. This is different behaviour than the other sub pages (like About or Composers). I’d suggest that the “play games” link from the main page directs to something like “resources/#educationalgames”, because that’s where the list of games is.

That’s all the critique I have - keep building and polishing :love_you_gesture:

Hi @jsdisco !

Thanks for your feedback!

I am a little confused why your take quizzes looks very different from mine.

What device are you on?
What browser?

Also, I am a little confused here.

When you click on play games it leads to the footer?
It should lead to the Day in life game.

There is too much white space. I think you can fit your content in less space.

I am on Windows 10, Google Chrome, full hd resolution.