Searching for orientation

Hello everyone. My name is Chris Lewis. Nice to meet you.

I don’t know if I am going to be an active user in the future. But at this very moment, I want to ask you a question.

Could I become a developer in a foreign country?

My level in English is C1. B2 awarded with Pass With Distinction to be exact thanks to my hobby as a Formula One Challenge '99-'02 mod developer, where I do modding since I was 13. I would like to be a front-end web developer focused on Accessibility and User Experience. In fact, that was my specialty in the past, but nobody gave me a chance. I live in a country with huge unemployment (more than 70% of youth unemployment n my city), and even when I dedicated my short adult life to intense studying since 2012, missing so many experiences and pleasures of adult life (I live in poverty since that year), I never, EVER, got a chance of getting a job.

And I have 27 years old.

Is embarrassing.

Lack of money to going somewhere. No experience. Asperger Syndrome. Inadequate location. Last time I was rejected for practice because, even when I had an almost perfect score, I was rejected due to immunosuppression (vulnerability to CoViD-19), a secondary effect of the pills I consume to keep my kidney working. I have been studying oppositions for nine months and I fear that these will reject me or leave me lying down because of my kidney disease in case I pass the exam.

My country has never given me the opportunity to live with dignity as a normal adult. I would like to start from scratch with another project again and do a good job for a foreign company.

It is possible to get a job out there as a front-end web developer with no experience and just freeCodeCamp courses and a C1 in English? Which free courses should I do if I can do the difference?

If I should abandon the idea, please comment it as well.

I don’t know, Chris, because I too have yet to get my first Front End Developer job. I wish you the best of luck in your journey.

From what I’ve heard, you got to start slow. Try freelancing for now! There’s a site called “Freelancer”.

I heard it’s pretty good. You can try that.

Hey Chris,

nice to meet you! :wave:

C1 is great!

To get some experience, you can follow the curriculum, build the projects.
To learn some teamwork, git/GitHub and soft skills, I invite you to contribute to FCC.

I think its the responsive web design course that will help you with the accessability. I finished it and remember seeing it in the program.

Never give up - find a different way…

Work those projects, make those connections. You can work long distance, but i think they may want you to come in ( not right now, but you know what i mean)… Don’t quote me - go for it!

Thanks to everyone for your comments!

I’ll keep that in mind, miku86.

Seeing what there is, I think in the future I could do a good job as a volunteer. In fact, there are things where I could help immediately.

It could be a pleasure to help once I become good enough. I have some stuff to do before starting seriously.

But I confess that I would love to help as long as I got a chance to work abroad. I failed a lot during the years, many times without my fault (like being discarded from a selection process for being vulnerable to CoViD-19, even when they told me that my hiring was practically a certainty). Where I live there is a 70% of youth unemployment rate, approximately. I saw engineers and medics without chances of getting a job.

I really need to get good results and stop failing or feeling that I support others but then I don’t achieve my final goal. Is very painful to do you best, help others and then not have that chance you worked hard for a worthy future. It happened me through the years and it has me very worn out.