Seek advice on what to learn: automation process


I’m very new to coding, so far only learnt some AutoHotkey by myself.

I hope to have some automation process for my works on laptop, e.g.

  1. Auto-reply emails based on some keywords from the sender’s email, or send emails to specific person
  2. Auto-reply or send on my desktop version telegram, WhatsApp, Line messages, e.g. everyday auto select and send 1 meme picture or infograph saved in my folder (send according to the file name) to my family chat group
  3. Perform some tasks like running some apps on PC at certain time
  4. I also use SAP for works, is it possible to automate some process in SAP, like copying certain field and go to the dropdown list, choose the correct item, then go to the new area and paste on certain field?
  5. Open Excel automatically on certain time to run the daily report (need to enter username and password to connect to SAP BI).

I am not sure what coding language should I learn in order to let the system do these repetitive works, and what kind of platform I should use to create these. Thank you.

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you could check out “Python, automating the boring stuff”
it seems promising

also, services like IFTTT could do some of what you are asking without requiring much programming knowledge

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

for this, if you have a gmail account there are quite extensive options for auto-reply and forwarding, and sending later. You could take a look there or look at the documentation for your specific email provider.