Seek and Destroy. Logic problem

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Hi, guys, clearly something is wrong here but I don’t know what.
I copied the arguments into an array (args) and then spliced off the first element of the array, and so the original array shoud have only other arguments left. Console also shows that the result array does resemble the first argument. Next, using filter, I try to return the elements in result that are not the same with other arguments( which are now the elements of the spliced original array), but it is not working somehow, can someone help me with this? thanks a lot.

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function destroyer(arr) {
  let args =;
  let result = args.splice(0, 1);
  return result.filter(x => args.includes(x) == false)

destroyer([1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3], 2, 3);

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If you look at result, you will see that in the example above it is a 2-dimensional array of length 1.