Seeking feedback for my fullstack image upscaling web app


I’ve been working on a personal project for a while now, which is an image upscaling web app that uses AI to enhance images 4x! It’s called upsc’ai’le.

Tech Stack: I learned Flask for the backend, integrating a few APIs for image enhancement and hosting, and I also used Redis to count the total upscales. I designed the frontend with Bootstrap/HTML/CSS/JS.

Functionality: When the user uploads an image, it is sent to Cloudinary so that an accessible URL can be generated. Next, the upscaling API accepts a URL to an image and upscales it using artificial intelligence algorithms like ESRGAN and SWIN-IR. Then, the URL to this upscaled image is fetched from the resulting JSON response and incorporated into the web page. Finally, to ensure data privacy, the original user-uploaded image is immediately deleted from the Cloudinary server.
As a whole, this process takes just about 5-10 seconds.

URL: You can find my app at (Github linked in About)

I would highly appreciate your feedback on any aspect of my app, thanks!

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This is perfect, both from a functionality and technical standpoint. If you haven’t already, put rate limiters in place to avoid abuse.

For a commercial project, you will need a lot of marketing. This niche, online image editing, is pretty packed and competitive.

If this is a portfolio project, it will raise your chances to get an interview by 10. This is the kind of project junior developers should focus on.

Well done.


Welcome back to the forum @adibak

Your site looks fantastic.

I was very impressed at the high resolution image produced.

  • Instead of upsc'ai'le how about: SmartRes, Magic Magnifier
  • are there other export formats?

The slider overlaps on smaller viewports.

Happy coding

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No way! That’s really really cool.
Site looks fantastic, it functions well, it’s cool as hell…

I’ll be using this often :blue_heart:


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