Seeking Recipe React App feedback

I think this is ready for feedback :slight_smile:

I’m particularly interested in feedback regarding style / design aspects. Design is not my strong suit:

  • Are there better UX/UI patterns I could have used?
  • Thoughts on colour scheme
  • Thoughts about the modal / form design

Also interested in any code comments:

  • Am I missing good webpack config tricks?
  • Is my BEM naming appropriate / consistent?

Obviously, if you have other feedback I haven’t alluded to, it is also welcome :slight_smile:


I like it. The design looks like a game (don’t think bad me, i like games).
You could add some transitions effects in the css code when the users expand/contract the menu.

I’ve tried :slight_smile: This is actually not that straight forward in React without using Bootstrap or something similar…I’m still trying to implement that, but I’m treating it as a ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must have’!

It’s ok it looks nice anyway.
Another observation:
At my viewpoint the active recipe should be in other color for diferencing from the others.

Good luck and keep trying! The more difficult is the challage the more you learn!

I’ve read that you are an English teacher. Please if you have seen something wrong in my orthography or my grammar please tell me, i need to improve it aswell :grin:

That’s a decent idea…implementing that shouldn’t be too tricky, but it does mean I’ll have to pick another colour which will inspire an unnecessary amount of bikeshedding.

Looks good! :smiley:

Design could use a bit of touch up (feels like a mobile app).

Take a look at apple notes.
The title of notes are on left side and the actual notes are on right. You could do something akin to that.