Select List does not display in Firefox

I tried to code a Select List, and it works fine in Chrome, but does not display in Firefox. I tried Safe Mode in Firefox with add-ons disabled, and it still does not display.

My code is:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <option value="all">any all</option>
  <option value="north">N</option>
  <option value="Northeast">NE</option>
  <option value="East">E</option>
     <option value="Southeast">SE</option>
  <option value="South">S</option>
  <option value="Southwest">SW</option>
  <option value="West">W</option>     
   <option value="Northwest">NW</option>    

Any words of wisdom?

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How do you check in FF? codepen? (if yes, try a F5 refresh)
Please tell how do you run this code snippet? the code works even for IE6, so it means it works on everything.

Use an application like Brackets, Note++, Notepad, Atom, save as an html file, and open the file with Firefox

Hmm It worked fine for me in firefox for whatever reason. I opened using Firefox Version 60.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows.

Lucas, I tried it on another computer with another file and it worked (just like you).

Try cleaning up cache. Use ccleaner and tick all checkboxes for selected browser in it.

I copied your code to notepad and it as .html . And it is working in firefox.Capture2