Send and display chat messages

generating an error yet I’ve written the code well see the link

Your link does not work. For some reason the link like you did does not work fo glitch. It needs to be typed:

<a href=“yourGlitchLink”>my link</a>

Hi, I suppose this is the correct link to the source code.

What is the error? You are haven’t finished quite a bit of the project so I’m not sure where in the curriculum you are. I would look at this section again and then from there go on to the next step of the project.

Thank you. The problem was the callback url was incorrect. After correcting the call back url string the code is running as expected but still the test is not passing. see my code:

I’ve finished the challenge yet the error:’ Server should listen for ‘chat message’ and then emit it properly.’ is still showing up.
Might there be a bug somewhere in fcc or my code?