Separate repos for fcc backend

I started recently on fcc backend projects. It states in the project details that I have to have a separate repo and heroku for each project, but I found it easier to have everything on the same repo and thus on the same heroku, the only difference is that each projects is in a different route.

Is it a must to have a different project?


It’s not a must, but it’s better. At your job you’re likely going to be working with multiple repositories, so you better know your craft.

I know how to use git, that’s not my problem. Actually I liked my solution because I add to learn routing, other than just listen for requests on the root directory.

ok, i realized one of the reasons to have separate repo. heroku installs only the root package.json packages, so i need to add the packages to the root package if I want them to be installed. Otherwise the app fails because it doesn’t find the requested module.