Sequence of the section is not displayed properly

I was making this simple bootstrap site, here is the original and in my own version, the contact form section is not showing at the bottom of the page and i have no idea why.

Could someone explain this to me?

here is my codepen

</div>   <!-- End One Big Column-->
</div>   <!--End of services-->

You have an additional div closed. Remove the div in between One big column and End of Services. Some reason the updated block of html is not rendereing in my reply.

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oh okay… thanks!

How do you spotted it out?
So next time when something similar happened I should just check whether is I have additional <div> s in my code?

Whenever the div is not rendered at its defined place as in HTML, you can always go back to HTML and see if the div/p tags are closed appropriately.

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Learned a little more today :smiley: