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ReferenceError: TextEncoder is not defined

12:27 PM

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'use strict';


const express = require('express');

const myDB = require('./connection');

const fccTesting = require('./freeCodeCamp/fcctesting.js');

const pug = require('pug');

const session = require('express-session');

const passport = require('passport');

const ObjectID = require('mongodb').ObjectID;

const utf8 = require('utf8');


const app = express();

app.set('view engine','pug');




fccTesting(app); //For FCC testing purposes

app.use('/public', express.static(process.cwd() + '/public'));


app.use(express.urlencoded({ extended: true }));



secret: process.env.SESSION_SECRET,

resave: true,

saveUninitailized: true,

cookie: {secure: false}





app.route('/').get((req, res) => {

res.render(process.cwd() + '/views/pug',{title: "Hello",

message: "Please login"});



passport.serializeUser((user, done) => {

done(null, user._id);


passport.deserializeUser((id, done) => {

// myDB.findOne({ _id: new ObjectID(id) }, (err, doc) => {

done(null, null);




const PORT = process.env.PORT || 3000;

app.listen(PORT, () => {

console.log('Listening on port ' + PORT);


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Challenge: Serialization of a User Object

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My first instinct would be to find where in your code TextEncoder is being referenced. Of course it isn’t, here. Could it be in another file? Do you have a link to an online IDE or a repo?

If that isn’t the case, then presumably it is in one of the libraries you are referencing, either because they have a bug or you are using it incorrectly. If you know it is not being used in your code directly, then I would google that error and maybe check the issues for those libraries.

Thanks I figured that issue out but now I cant connect to mongodb im using glitch does it have a bug or something I wanted to try to use mongoose but the lesson does not require it

Sorry, I don’t have specific information on that combination.

I would do some google searches and look at the Glitch documentation and their support forum. This is roughly what a professional dev does when they run into a problem like this.

Ok thanks I will see if I can figure it out

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