Setting up Mail for Good

We found this great tool built by freeCodeCamp: Mail for Good.
Now, we are setting it up to play around with it. Installation was pretty straightforward. Now, as pointed out on github, the next important question is: “My instance is deployed, what now?”

And it comes with the answer: “In you’ll find how to connect, create your admin account and set up your AWS credentials allowing you to send your first blast.”

Now, heading over to, we can’t get past “To connect for the first time you’ll have to use the default admin account. The email is "” and the password is “admin”. " There just is the Google Auth option, where you obviously can’t login with

Maybe we are just being really stupid, but if anyone can help us out on this one, we would really appreciate that!!

Hello Leonardo,

I’m not sure if I understood your problem/case-study well, so I would ask you please provide more information please.

Please clarify these:
What is your domain name?
Are you about sending mail? or receiving main?
What is your host? What is the SMTP server? Postfix?

What’s inside this conf file?

Generic info:

  1. You may not send an email from from or anything(any domain) unless you set
  2. that target domain( for example) as a permitted domain to send mail from you domain( in your DNS records. Or viceversa, you cannot send from from your host, since you are not the one have permission to do that.
  3. Not all SMTP servers need both username and password to send an email(usually locally), but indeed default action for remote work is an authenticated user/pass.
  4. You can connect to any domain) SMTP from your domain, and ask to send a mail from your account to another email.(probably your case)

Keep going on great work, happy coding.

Oh well, I guess the diagnosis of “just being really stupid” was accurate. works with the heroku stable branch. Now that we got that straight, we will try to figure out how to set up our installation in a way that we get first-time access to the admin interface in our instance as well. If we don’t suceed, I’ll get back here to give more details as requested.
For the time being, thank you so much for that immediate answer!