Support with setting up Mail-for-Good

I’ve tried setting up mail-for-good several times, using the freecodecamp 's guidelines. I’m not able to figure out what is stopping from accessing the setup from browser though all of the installation process was done right.

AWS setup, elstic IP and association with a static IP, security group rules for inbound/outbound traffic are all setup right.

Docker setup is just right.

Google cloud is setup was done as guided.

The .env file editing with Google client ID & secret was done as guided.

Chrmoe browser security, cache clean, allowing HTTP from exception sites etc was done.

There’s no firewall or ati-virus in my local machine.

I still cannot access the public IPv4 DNS from my browser.

Could someone please help me with this?

As you may have noticed mail-for-good has been archived for years now, and you will not find much help or support getting it to work.

I recommend checking out this, alternate instead:

and I believe you can configure any “messenger” or email-delivery options as being talked about in:

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