Sharing my form project-Be brutally honest!

Here it is. Didn’t spend much time on it because it was not much fun. Now the landing page will be fun. Involves much more creativity. I tried to have fun with the form though,

Here’s the link:

having fun is important :slight_smile: I would

remove background changing color. It’s distracting.
Bring back input outlines. Without them It’s really hard to see if they are inputs.
Remove bullet points from your radioboxes. Also enable checking them off when I click on corresponding texts.
Give background color change and mouse cursor change when it hovers on submit button.
Move submit button to the bottom.
Expand textarea input.
Make it responsive.
Have one uniform background.


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check your code for the submit button. i’m using firefox and its showing on top of the name and email fields.

i’d add some space either with margins or paddings as appropriate above and below each field.

the bacteria…culture bit was hilarious. i hadn’t heard that one before.

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I’m getting the same error on Chrome but I like the eye searing orange! It definitely looks like you had a good time.

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This form’s content is really funny.
submit button is coming over email address and if i change window size then it goes up and diappears.

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