Survey From - Feedback please :))

Hello there programmers!

I just made my second project. Learned a lot in the process as you have to google the solutions and tricks. I have to say time just flies past once you start a project and I have been enjoying this journey a lot!

Today I woke up at 4AM as I couldn’t lfret myself to sleep any longer as I was all in into this.
So after 6 hours this is what i got. I know it could have been done a lot quicker and cleaner, but I have seriously tried!

Thank you !

P.S. I am a biker, so that’s the reason I choose the topic. Although it did not came out as I wanted.

Also struggling with input fields to be responsive, any tips and help on that? :))

Hi @eddye,

Your form looks good. I have some suggestions I want bring to your attention.

  • What if the user does not have the font you put there? You may consider using a default one by adding serif
  • I think it will be good if you add some padding
  • If you have time you may thing working on responsiveness
  • No need for red color on submit button

Hi @Bam92 ,

Thank you for your feedback and your time for looking at this!
I have fixed the responsiveness.
Deleted hover red color on submit button.
Padding has been added to be slightly larger.

Hi @eddye!

Great! Go ahead

I love the design of your project but in fairness I might be a bit biased because it has bikes :smiley:

One minor suggestion would be to properly match the for attribute for your labels with the ids because it’s pretty hard to check the radio buttons/checkboxes.

Keep up the good work!

Not a bad looking form.

  1. I’d prefer the form left-aligned. UX studies have shown it is easier to read and hens faster to fill out.

  2. I would give the form elements a bit more vertical spacing to separate them.

  3. The buttons are too big and I would suggest having them side by side. You should also add cursor: pointer to them.

  4. Personally I like to constrain the resize on textarea elements to vertical only resize: vertical.

  5. You have some issues in the HTML run it through a validator.

  6. You should close your label elements and make sure all input elements that need a label has one.

  7. Forgo the use of break tags and use margin and padding instead.

Nice job, keep it up!

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Hey @flynn ,

Thanks for your time and feedback!
Yeh I have noticed my code is not particularly clean. Will make it a lot cleaner in next couple of days. :slight_smile:

Hey @lasjorg ,

Thank you for such good feedback! I will definitely try to fix all of the issues and suggestions you gave me. I just run html through that Validator and yes, there are many errors!
And number 7 is a very good point. The only way to improve is through the feedback and I really do appreciate all of you ! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

You are welcome, and absolutely right that getting feedback is a great way to learn and improve.

About the errors, I believe a lot of them are likely from having unclosed label elements. After you have fixed that there shouldn’t be too many errors.

Happy coding.

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