ShortUrl making no progress getting req.body.url form form

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req.body.url has an empty value, and none of the fixes I’ve researched are helping solve. I’ve tried body-parser, but that seems to be deprecated, so I’ve tried express.urlencode() as well as expres.json() both give no relief. Geting ready to quit.

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Challenge: URL Shortener Microservice

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It’s impossible to say without code. Post a link to a live version of the project, like on, and maybe someone can help.

You can always log the route inputs at the start of a route to see what’s there:

console.log(`body:  ${req.body}`);
console.log(`params:  ${req.params}`);
console.log(`query:  ${req.query}`);

which is helpful if you’re like me and forget what you and express have agreed to put where.

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deleted because of links to code

Yikes! I just figured it out! I was fooled by the placeholder text in the form input field. I assumed it would be substituted for the value. I was wrong! The reason req.body.url was an empty string was because I did not type anything into the text field! Now I can go back to square one and work on this from scratch.

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