Should I drop out of high school to pursue programming?

I’m 16, I’ve been coding for 5 years and I’ve made about 10k USD from freelance coding for the past 2 months. I have made many interesting project and I think I could get a job now but I don’t know if getting a job in the coding industry requires a high school degree or not. Please help me. And I’m also sick of the education system in my country too so I am eager to get out of school as soon as possible.

No you should stay in school and enjoy your youth. It only last for 2 more years. Have fun while you can :3

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here’s the thing, I hate school. I think I will stay at home for 2 years and then get a job if i do drop out. I would love to hear your opinion on that.

if you do not have the diploma, even if you have good freelancing career, possible employers may prefer other job-seekers that instead have it.
at the end it’s your life, it’s your choice, don’t ask others to choose for you

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I would suggest continuing school as well. You’ve got all the time after that to actually start working.
Perhaps you can still do freelancing part time and change this later



Most jobs in the tech industry ask for college degrees, so naturally they require high school degrees. The simple fact is most resumes are automatically screened for college degrees which instantly makes applying for jobs harder.

I don’t see a reason why you can’t continue to grind thru school and continue to freelance as a side gig. You get more relevant experience, and get an official diploma for high school. Yea you have to deal with your education system, but so does every other person your age. You could jump ship early and drop out, but I’m not sure if you should “get out of the game” so early or quickly.

Hell, if you have an opportunity to go to higher education in the future I’d take it. Yes you will probably learn more on your own if your that type, but getting official recognition for it is usually a game changer right out of the gate when it comes to getting jobs.

Good luck!

I would stay at school, get a diploma, otherwise you will be explaining to lots of people why you don’t have one, it could be the difference between them hiring you or the person who is also doing FCC and has got their diploma

Are you permitted to work part time while still at school, , it may be a way to gain experience, if there are local tech groups near you, maybe join and network with people, show them how keen you are, but having contacts and being able to make contacts is very useful or can be.

Hope this helps


Congrats on being able to support yourself by doing something that you enjoy! $10K USD is a lot of money and you should be very proud of yourself!

In my opinion, a computer science degree will help achieve several things:

  1. it gives you leeway to figure out what you’re really interested in. CS has multiple different paths, ML, AI, big data processing, natural language processing etc. If you’re not sure what you want to do in the future, going to college will give you a taste of everything, much like a buffet :slight_smile:
  2. a degree from a highly rated school helps get your foot in the door. Many FAANG companies recruit heavily from top-tier schools exclusively, and being in one of those schools will increase your chances of getting into FAANG significantly in the future.

tl;dr: if you know what you want to do in the future, go for it. Otherwise, getting more education is always a wise decision.

Hope that helsp!

hello @binhnamnguyen2402.

I think you shouldn’t drop High School. But I want to know something. What kind of codding have you made to earn this 10k? An answer must have, always, context.
Have you cosider to continue studding in a not traditional way?

NO. It’s only two years. When you get older you’ll realize two years isn’t long at all and school wasn’t as bad as you thought.