Should I learn Machine Learning on Javascript or Python?

I have just started out with machine learning by following this course and using Python and the TensorFlow library (for Python). I have covered the basic topics like building a neural net, feeding it data and getting accurate results.

I want to go further in this field by creating web apps that leverage ML for some part of their function.

To do such thing which would be better: to learn the TensorFlow library for Javascript and do all the ML duties on JS. Or, to continue using Python and have that algorithm served to the user through something like the Flask framework.

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I barely know anything about ML but if I were to guess,

Python is better for data science and ML by extension because it has a huge package library related to ML, you can use it on most platforms and its easy to read.

Javascript is made for browsers although its becoming more flexible due to nodejs. Its one of the most popular languages so people who already know Js but not much about python can jump into it relatively easily although Js wont have nearly as many libraries as python for ML.

Id say the language you do it in doesnt matter as long as you understand how neural networks work, how to prepare data or what ever else you gotta do. You dont really have to commit to one language but I guess you stick to what ever youre comfortable with.


Well, you could use Javascript libraries for Machine Learning, but if you are learning Python, then it’s much better to practice ML with Python.
If you want to try it a little take a look at the tutorial about creating a chatbot with Python:

Then you may build a front-end for it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your response, now that the models can be built, trained and evaluated in python - how would they be deployed in a web interface?

use Flask or Django to use python in the browser

I am good at HTML and C++ that’s why I just enrolled for a machine learning course here and I am doing in Python. You should prefer Python because of its demand and JavaScript is usually used in web related projects only. All in all, I strongly recommend Python as I have done much research in recent days.