Should I learn to code if there's pages like Webflow that do it for you?

I just came across a website-maker called Webflow that basically works like word but with websites, is it worth it to learn how to code for 1+ year(s) if I can do the same thing with Webflow? What kind of things should I focus on learning that Webflow can’t do?

Simple answer: Sure it will not harm you - to know how something works from inside.
Longer answer: it depends on other question - what is your purpose: if you need quickly (desperately) to implement design of some website - may be webflow is good choice.
If you plan to work as professional webdeveloper - currently the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS (and other technologies) is mandatory


Lovely advice @shootermv

I guess think about it like this:

If you need to make a cake fast but don’t intend to have a bakery, just get the Betty Crocker mix.

But if you do want to eventually be a baker, it’s good to invest time to learn baking from the very start with all the basics to lay out foundation for yourself.

So, if I want to learn how to code since it will help me when becoming an entrepreneur, do you recommend I only learn the basics of coding and not waste all that time learning how to code?

If you just want a website or websites for a specific business purpose, then sure, learning to code is probably a waste of time: WebFlow (and Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy etc) would do fine. Making websites is a minor specialisation in the wider software sector. In terms of business, it is unusual for websites to be the place where the value comes from in terms of software development/IT/etc.